Providing a Variety of Products & Window Treatments in Las Vegas

When it comes to high quality window treatments in Las Vegas, the name to count on is Nevada Shutters & Blinds. Since 2000, we have been the local leading service provider for window treatments for both residential and commercial clients in the Las Vegas area. We try to offer an extensive variety of services so that you can get anything that you need from just one top ranking service provider.

We also offer a free estimate, design consultation and expert level installation work for all our window treatments, including blinds, shades, and plantation shutters in Las Vegas. Whether you know exactly what you want or need some creative inspiration we can help with that. Review the services and window coverings we offer below, and give us a call today in order to get started.

Wood Plantation Shutters

shutters las vegas nvShutters remain one of the most popular and classic looks available and for plenty of good reason. The look is simple yet elegant. Not to mention, this type of window covering offers the best in light control options.

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Polycore Shutters

polycore shutters las vegas nvSame great look and features but at a lower price point than standard wood plantation shutters. They are easy to clean and maintain, as well as have plenty of other benefits. If you would like to stretch your budget dollars further, this is the ideal alternative to wood shutters for you.

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Wood Blinds

wood blinds las vegas nvWood blinds are another stunning and classic look for a residential or commercial space. Not to mention, utilizing real wood also increases the property value of your home or business. While they require slightly more care in order to preserve the look and condition, they are well worth it.

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Faux Wood Blinds

faux wood blinds las vegas nvIf you want a more cost-effective alternative to real wood blinds, this is your best option. While they may not hold the same resale value, they look like the real thing. Not to mention, they are easy to clean and ideal for humid spaces where real wood would warp or rot – like the bathroom.

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shades las vegas nvShades are another popular choice and come in a variety of styles made from a variety of materials. Many people like them because there are options without unsightly cords that can also be a safety concern.

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Roller Shades

roller shades las vegas nvAs the name implies, this is the classic type of shade that simply rolls up and down. They are generally operated by hand, unless you opt for motorization. We can show you the variety and options that you have and help you make the best choices possible.

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Cell Shades

cellular shades las vegas nvCell shades are also referred to as cellular shades and honeycomb shades. Their design and construction creates a window covering that is also an additional layer of insulation.

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Woven Wood Shades

woven wood shades las vegas nvWoven wood shades are among the most attractive window coverings if you are looking for something that can act as a focal point of your room. Earthy and natural, this is the ideal choice for anyone looking to let light through.

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Window Treatment Motorization

window treatment motorization las vegas nvNevada Shutters & Blinds is the name to call on if you decide that window treatment motorization is right for you. Get rid of unsightly cords that are also a safety hazard. You can now operate your window coverings with the touch of a button on your smartphone, tablet or remote control.

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If you are interested in an estimate for window treatments in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas, please call 702-524-2211 or complete our online request form.

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